Hello There!

Oh look!  It’s a blog!

The first post always seems to be the hardest to write.  After all, this is the first impression I’ll make.  Right?

On the needles. January 2017

I’ll be honest, I’ve tried and failed at keeping other blogs before, but most of them have just been mindless musings about my day-to-day life.  I doubt anyone was ever actually interested in reading them on a regular basis, and my original attempts were back in high school and college, when most of us don’t even know who we are as individuals yet.  This time is different, I actually paid to register a domain name.  I spent money to do this!  That’s motivation to keep this going.  HA!

Joking aside, there are a few things in life I truly enjoy and crafting, be it knit, crochet, or manipulating bits and pieces into useable or beautiful objects is certainly a pleasure.  Crafting, especially knitting, has become a major influence on how I relax, how I learn, and even has impacted my social life greatly. So, welcome to a blog where crafting will be a heavy influence.

There is much more to my life than knitting.  Other topics will pop up, and if you haven’t noticed by the photo in this post, I may just have a dark sense of humor.  Just keep in mind this blog is written by a 30-something year old woman, whom is living an interesting (if not down right insane) life, with two cats and a guinea pig, in a smallish town in northeast Georgia.  So stick around if you like, comment when you feel you need to, and welcome.

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