WIPed: THE Star Wars Scarf

Don’t judge.  This Work in Progress has been on the needles for well over a year.  After making a Game of Thrones themed scarf for a friend, I swore off double knitting and then I saw this pattern.  Hook, line, sinker, pull me into the boat, there was no avoiding it.


Stars Wars Double Knit Scarf by notanicedragon – and it’s FREE!  If the designer ever stumbles across this post…Thank You!


Since I swore off double knit I went down the cheap yarn rabbit hole, so if it was frogged and never finished there would be little guilt.  I Love This Yarn, Sport Weight, can be found at Hobby Lobby.  It’s actually working up quite soft and doesn’t feel like typical acrylics.

Cast on Date: 

Sometime late December 2015.

Projected Completion Date:

Ummmm maybe before Episode VIII – The Last Jedi

The Hang Up:

Double knitting is pretty amazing, since you’re constructing a single piece of reversible fabric in one pass.  Double knitting isn’t the type of project you can really do while sitting in front of the TV in the evening.  It takes some real concentration to read and interpret the pattern correctly.  You’ll read left to right on one side, and right to left on the other, all while counting stitches.  It’s tedious, but the results are worth it if your patient.



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