Are You Knitworthy?

I had to come up for a bit of air in the middle of a knitting marathon.

I have two projects that I need to have completed, blocked, and packaged for gifts before the 20th.  They aren’t simple projects either!

I’m working on the Knitangle Shawl  and need to start a Nine Dwindling Cables Hat.  Both will be given to work acquaintances as gifts at a conference.  The shawl is going to a woman leaving her current, very secure job, to begin her own business.  It’s a good luck gift.  The hat, it going to the wife of an acquaintance that is having brain surgery shortly before the conference.

I’ve given away more of my knit projects over the years than I have kept.  I find more joy in the act of knitting than the finished project in most cases, and in the case of these two gifts, knowing the backgrounds of the recipents, they would apreciate hand-made items.

The longer I knit, the more I realize that there are some folks that just aren’t knitworthy.  For anyone uninitiated, knitting a project can take a good amount of time, and good yarns aren’t cheap.  It’s not unusual to drop $40-70 into a shawl.  $20-35 into a hat.  Sweaters?  If you receive a hand knitted sweater from anyone you wear that thing no matter what it looks like, that knitter not only sunk tons of personal time into making it but easily sunk $100-200 if not more into the yarn.  But once again, it’s the process of making the item most of the time, cost becomes a factor when I’m not certain how the recipient feels about my handiwork.

I don’t mean to come across as snobbish with gift giving but nothing drives me nuttier than making a gift for someone and then finding out that the gift sits unused in a drawer somewhere because the recipient doesn’t want the item to get damaged or begin to look worn.  My own mother has been removed from the knitworthy list.  I even knitted very pink gifts (I LOATHE PINK) for her, she wont use them.

So, what do you folks think?  Who’s on your knitworthy list?  What will get someone removed from it?

Time to get back to work.  If I’m sitting I’m knitting until this projects are done.

3 thoughts on “Are You Knitworthy?

  1. My knitworthy list is very short. I knit for babies- usually something washer/dryer friendly, my children if they ask, socks only for my husband and a few items for charity. After my mother passed away I found the things I knit for her tucked away. I reclaimed them, except for the pink socks I had her buried in:)


  2. I am, really, a very selfish knitter, but do knit for two of my children, the other two not so much….my son wants me to make him a hat that states boldly “f*** off”. Won’t do it. My daughter, she does not like hand knit items, though she begs. When I do cave I usually find she wears whatever it is for a day or two, then it’s “I lost it, mommy”. My husband gets a hat upon request.

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  3. If the item is a hat I am okay with knitting for all. The catch is if you are low on the list you get acrylic yarn. Once you have proven you like wearing knitted items and you can care for them (aka not loose them or damage them while washing) then I may be more generous (hahah 😉).


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