I’m Back…Finally

Someone has gotten a little grief about her lack of posting lately.

Things got a little busy, a trip to Oklahoma for work, more work, recovery from a respiratory infection, more work, and a couple of speed bumps here and there.  Did I mention work?  Things got a little neglected over here for about a month, and things began to slow back down to manageable levels this past week.

My knitting however has not suffered, lately, more so than usual, it’s been my go to for winding down in the evening.  Sometime in the near future I’ll get the works in progress, and completed projects written up.

While on my blogging hiatus, spring has sprung in Georgia, and the urge to grow things has taken root in my brain.  Spring seems to be taking the next week off though, oddly enough there is a chance of snow tonight.  It won’t account to much if it hits, but I’m hoping it won’t be cold enough, long enough to damage the buds and flowers that are already taking over the local landscapes.  There’s a personal goal set that by the end of this weekend that seeds will be started in tiny greenhouses, and nursed inside for a month or so.  A 4×4-foot raised bed has been assembled and filled, and the front flower bed has been de-pine-strawed and switched over to mulch.  If the front bed looks like a well cared for jungle by mid-summer I’ll be a happy camper.

So, that’s the update.  I’ll be better at updating, but for now, I’m going to go find my favorite fuzzy pajamas, pour a glass of wine, and get some good relaxation time in.



One thought on “I’m Back…Finally

  1. I am so jealous that you’re getting ready to plant:) Here in New England we’re freezing our behinds off (it was 11 degrees this morning) and preparing for a snowstorm. Enjoy and send some warmth up north:)


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