Lava and Socks

I don’t know what I had for dinner that kicked the crazy dream portion of my brain into high gear last night but geeeeeeeez. Actually thinking about it a bit more, it’s probably all the pollen I’ve been snorting.  Spring pollen counts in Georgia are legendary, even if I managed to not have seasonal allergy issues, there is no way inhaling that much particulate is good for anyone.

Crazy dream….
This one actually woke me up.
I’m driving home after a couple of errands around town on a hot summer day, and notice while sitting at a red light that it’s getting hotter.  I look over at a drainage ditch and notice lava is streaming through it and down a storm drain.  It doesnt’ even register to me that this is unusual.  I look back up at the red light.  Look back at the lava.  Look back up at the red light and then notice the road ahead is beginning to melt into gelatinous orange and red blob.  Well great, the road to the house is melting.  I’m going to have to take the long way around.  Light turns, and I’m still driving along like nothing is unusual about the road melting.

After making it home, I get into the house, pet the cats, and then sit down on the front porch with a half-done sock, and begin turning the heel while I watch as everything off my little hillside becomes covered with lava.  By the time I finish turning the heel on the sock, my house and a few neighbors are on their own little island, everything beyond that is bright orange and red.  article-0-186BC59400000578-438_964x637

Meanwhile, nothing is wrong, nothing is out of norm, I’m just working on my sock.

It was one of those amazingly vivid dreams, that leaves you sitting on the bed for about 30 minutes wondering what just happened, and if you should just get out of bed and start your day.  Maybe I should get through my workday, and finish the sock I’ve been working on.


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