End of the Year Rituals

Here we are in that odd week between Christmas and New Years Day.

Yes, folks, it’s time for one of those posts that isn’t craft related.

I’m on vacation this week. I’m not going anywhere exotic, I’ve made it back home from my holiday visit to the family, I’m in full blown reboot mode. I think most of us can honestly admit that this is the week where we have the highest hopes for the upcoming year. Many of us are making resolutions to break habits and better ourselves, others of us have thrown that tradition to the wind. It seems everyone has a tradition of some sort, or a tradition not to have a tradition.

I’m a goal setting person. I will sit down on December 31st with pen and paper in hand and crank out what I would like to accomplish in the year ahead. Do I hit those lofty goals? Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t, taking into account that the fates will deal cards I didn’t plan on.

I will reflect on what happened in the past year, and determine what I could have done better, and what did I learn from it. Overall it’s a positive reflection. There’s no harping on failures or dark spots for too long.

I’m also a cleaner. This ritual begins tomorrow morning as soon as the last drop of coffee is sipped and will continue until I can’t move a paper towel, if need be, it will go into the next day. Every surface in my house will be dusted and cleaned with the appropriate solvent. Every fabric that isn’t laundered on a regular basis that can fit into the washer and dryer will make a journey there. The floors will be hand scrubbed, the hardwoods re-introduced to Murphy’s Oil Soap. Laundry will be put into appropriate drawers, bedding will be changed wether in needs it or not, clutter addressed, if you can think of it, it’s probably happening. After all of that I’ll stand in the shower until there’s no hot water left.

Call me an odd duck, but nothing brings me greater peace of mind than going into a new year with a clean home and a clear mind.

What do you do to prepare for the new year?

3 thoughts on “End of the Year Rituals

  1. We are in full relax mode here. My husband has a few days off and my daughter and son are home until 1/2. I’ll do my cleaning once everyone is out of the house and all the decorations have been put away.


  2. Starting my clearing/cleaning today. It’s nice to start out the year with everything in order! The cleaning puts me in a contemplative mind. Much needed after a family visit and a crazy year!


  3. Came back home from Christmas in Florida with Jessica and Avery in tow. We attended a birthday party for a precious one-year old on Saturday and traveled down to Lake Oconee to ring in the new year (a very low key ring) with friends who are more like family on Sunday. The first was a day for eating, talking, and watching football, a lot of football and of course for me knitting. Never thought of the period between Christmas and New Years as cleaning time ’cause most of the time we are out of town. Not a big resolution person although with the recent development of AFIB I do need to concentrate on eating better and I’ve had to pretty much cut out caffeine. I do take time to thank God for the blessings I’ve received over the last year and pray for the continued blessings of friends and family and reflect on friends and family members lost over the last year.


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