Knitting Mojo Seems to be a No Go

e8d7a0a96a08ecb9f6f8e28dda3a4d51Well hey there again.  I’ve been intending to write more than a blog post a month but I’ll admit I’m notoriously bad for writing out posts in my head and then never actually sitting down and typing them up.

I also have to admit my knitting mojo has been on the low side lately.  Even us power knitting types get in a rut once in a while.  That said, I’m using my lack of knitting mojo as an excuse for not posting a class schedule for the end of this month and going into April.  I’m going to take a short break from teaching, and plan to do classes on Saturday’s only in May.  The full-time job may be requiring a little more flexibility in my availability during the week.  The ongoing “Bring Your Own Project” scheduled for Wednesdays between now and April 11th are still on the calendar.  Wednesday regulars, if you are reading this, there will be details posted on the Coffee and Wool FB page concerning individual sessions.  Woolly Wonders will still continue to meet – don’t forget this Sunday is at Left Nut Brewery in Gainesville, GA from 1pm-3pm.

Now, before anyone freaks out, I’m fine.  I know enough of my regular class folk well enough to know, that I will get text messages asking if I’m okay.

I’ve noticed a trend over the years that early spring usually has a few changes waiting on me that require some time and attention above and beyond my usual bandwidth, and I already see at least a couple of significant shifts on the horizon that will require some adjustment.  It’s also work life stuff. It’s end of winter fog lifting, and it’s the urge to hit a few weekend hikes before the summer swelter begins to set in.  Once all of these things are addressed, I’m sure the knitting mojo will return.