Baby It’s Cold Outside

I saw this video yesterday and it hit a nerve, especially when a significant portion of the country is in the grip of a deadly polar vortex with record smashing lows.  Living in Georgia I cannot even begin to fathom how cold stepping outside with a -50 degree windchill is.

I remember some very cold days during my school years in West Virginia, but nothing like the temps we’re seeing this week.  I was fortunate to have the coat, gloves and hat as I needed them.  I’m fortunate to have those items now, and even have the ability to make my own.

I’ve heard of programs where crafters are making items to give to children at their local schools to help keep children warm, but in my initial searches I’m not finding any locally in Northeast Georgia or in my home state.  Just putting the bug out there, do any of you know of such programs, or have participated in them?

2 thoughts on “Baby It’s Cold Outside

  1. I have been wanting to this too but only seem to remember when it is cold out.

    When I was in Denver for a work conference I saw scarves tied around town with a tag saying I am not lost, I have been left here for anyone that needs me. Something along those lines.


    1. I’ve seen the scarves and the hats for the homeless too. I’m on the hunt for an existing knitting program for kids that need winter warmth. I’m so disorganized these days trying to start one from scratch may be more than I can handle on my own.


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