Class and Craftalong Information

I teach knitting and crochet classes!  Schedules for these offerings will be posted within a blog post, and are listed as events on the Coffee & Wool Facebook page.

There’s a lot of information to be conveyed about classes, craftalongs, skill levels and policies.  I’ll do the best I can to cover everything here, but feel free to contact me with any questions.


Mini-Classes: These are 2 hour long, group classes, that will only meet once.  They are used for quick technique explanation or an intro to knitting or crocheting. Mini-classes are $20.

2×2 Class:  2x2s are two hour classes with two separate sessions.  This is the most common class scenario I will offer since it provides 4 hours of educational time and time for a participant to work on the project between sessions.  2x2s are $50.

Half Day Class:  Half days are 4 hour, single session classes, and are intended to be an intensive study on a single topic or technique.  Half days are $60.


Craftalongs include both knitalongs and crochetalongs.  These offerings are a little less structured than classes.  I will be there to assist with project hangups and quick fixes, but the speed at which you work is up to you.  It is strongly recommended that the pattern and skill level for these offerings be reviewed before committing to the craftalong.

Project Craftalongs: are a type of themed craftalong where a pattern or project type is chosen in advance.  They will be two hour meetings with two separate sessions.  Project Craftalongs are $30.

Bring Your Own Project Craftalongs: If you have a project you’re already working on but feel like you are approaching a point that you may be uncertain of or just need a little support for a stitch or two, this is a good fit.  Bring Your Own Project Craftalongs are $15 per session for two hour blocks.  Please check the schedule for days and times.

Get Help Sessions

These are individual appointments to help interpret patterns, fix mistakes, or quickly teach a technique needed to complete a project.  Get Help Sessions are $15 per hour and are geared towards established knitters or crocheters.

Individual Lessons

If you’re just getting started this is for you.  These sessions are one hour, with one on one instruction.  We’ll start at square one and build a new skill every session until you are ready to continue on your own, or begin signing up for Rookie level classes and craftalongs.  Individual lessons are $25 per hour.

Skill Levels

I do my best to offer a variety of projects that appeal to everyone from beginners to master level knitters. I will include a skill level in all my listings, if you question your own skill level, feel free to reach out to discuss your abilities and I will give you an honest assessment to if the class or craftalong you are interested in will be a good fit.

Rookie: You picked up needles and yarn recently, know knit and purl, and you’re ready to add more skills to that knitting toolbox.

Apprentice: You’re confident with knit, purl, basic increases/decreases, and have likely begun adventuring into knitting in the round, and have began creating shapes other than long scarf like rectangles.

Virtuoso: You’re confident in your abilities and are looking for challenges, unique projects, and new tricks. There isn’t much out there that you would shy away from trying as long as you were in love with the pattern teasing you on Ravelry.

Genius: You are a knitting master, nothing stops you, not even a bad pattern. You’re looking for a challenge, continuing to master skills, and love projects with very complex construction and stitch work.


Now it’s on to the part that I least like to talk about, the rules of the land, the knitty gritty so to speak….policies.  Some of this seems like it could go unsaid, but as a CYA, I’ve got to say it.

Location Behavior: I am an independent instructor, meaning class and craftalong locations can vary from month to month, and I am responsible for building lasting relationships with local business that are kind enough to grant me space to teach others yarn crafts.  Participants will be expected to treat these locations with the respect they deserve for loaning us the space.  Anyone that is in anyway disruptive to the normal operations of these locations will be asked to leave.

EnrollmentSign ups for classes and craftalongs are required 48 hours in advance of the first session.  I will make this as convenient as possible by offering a online reservation system.  I do require at least two participants for each class or craftalong.  If this minimum is not met, I will unfortunately have to cancel the offering.

Payment:  Until other options become available, I accept cash, and transfers through online services that I can provide to you in private. Payment for classes will be required 48 hours in advance of the first session for classes and craftalongs.

Refunds: Refunds are only provided in extreme circumstances that will be determined by each individual situation.

Supplies: Once upon a time, I was a shop teacher at a local yarn store, and it was amazing to have everyone’s class needs in one spot.  This is a luxury that is sorely missed.  Supply needs will be listed with each offering.  Participants will be expected to bring their own supplies and printed copies of their patterns to class, or for a fee (plus the cost of supplies) I will source these supplies for you.  I do not loan out my personal stash of tools and accessories.

Drop Outs: As much as I hate to see it, it happens.  An individual will sign up, pay, and either don’t show up at all, or don’t attend after the first session.  It can be chalked up to many things.  I do my best to communicate all the details and requirements for my offerings and will work with anyone that feels like they do not fit into a particular offering or feel like they are in over their heads.  If worries, concerns, or other issues go unaddressed and an individual vanishes I will consider this a Drop Out and I have no further obligation to try to meet this individuals needs and will not refund any portion of the fees.

Class Cancellations: I try to avoid these situations but there will be times that class cancellations are inevitable due to weather, emergencies, or illness.  These will occur with as much notice as possible with rescheduling information.  If you are unable to attend on a rescheduled date I will work with you to make up the session time on a date/time that works for both of us.

Individual Cancellations:  In the same token of class cancellations discussed above, I understand that there are times life gets in the way.  Please contact me as soon as possible if you are going to miss a session due to an emergency or illness.  We will find a date and time to reschedule.  If I am not contacted either the day of the missed session or within 24-hours I will assume that you’ve “dropped out”.

That covers the basics, as always, contact me if you have questions.